Shop Quality Motion Worship Backgrounds

Large collection of motion backgrounds. Enhance your worship experience with moving video loops that are excellent to use behind your lyrics. Engage the heart of your congregation with our amazing seamless looping video backgrounds. All backgrounds are available in SD and HD formats.

Wonder In The Sky: Outer Space Loop
Pink Nebula: Deep Space Background
Mother's Day Welcome Title Background
Mother's Day Flowers In Hand Motion
Deep Space Blue Wonder Motion
Animated Abstract Strings Motion Loop
Fruit Of The Spirit Motion Video Loop
Running The Race With Endurance
Run The Good Race Motion Worship
Free Fruit Of The Spirit Title Loop
Free Stars Motion Worship Loop
Vintage Mother's Day Worship Motion
Vintage Hexagon Motion Background
The Glory Of Heaven Motion Loop
Floating Particles: Abstract Motion
Come To Jesus Motion Background
Raised Hands: Morning Worship Loop
Hands Molding Clay Motion Video
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